Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Former Pardon Attorney Back in the Spotlight.

The New York Daily News is reporting on Roger Adams, the former U.S. Pardon Attorney who was "fired for making racist remarks in the case of a beloved Brooklyn minister facing deportation." More specifically, Adams is reported to have said that a clemency applicant (whose application is supported by Hillary Clinton) was "about as honest as you could expect for a Nigerian. Unfortunately, that's not very honest." The Daily News claims "horrified employees" of the pardon attorney office "quietly pulled" the applicant's case from the White House after the report of Adams' comments were made public. According to the inspector general's office, Adams also said, "In general and on average, Nigerian immigrants, they commit more crimes than other people. This was a serious drug case that this guy committed. ... I believe he had not described it honestly. ... We are giving advice to the President. If the case goes south, it comes back on him and on me." But Adams also told the News last week, that race played no role in his decision. See story here.

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