Thursday, July 24, 2008

It Appears There Might Be a Possibility of Developing Plan!

The preemptive, self-pardon folks have been around for almost 40 years now and - by even the most generous estimate - they are 0 for 4. They were wrong during the administrations of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Yes, they were very loud and wildly colorful, but no less wrong. The more astute scholar might darken the picture even more by noting predictions that Ulysses S. Grant would pardon his brother to save his own shirt because prosecutors were "crawling up into" administrations way back then.

But, regardless, with an impressive .000 batting average and .000 slugging percentage, and like any other desperate batter all-too ready to celebrate the aftermath of a Texas-leaguer, Paul Abrams is now stepping up to the plate for the team at the Huffington Post. He writes:
In "January 19, 2009: The One-Day Cheney Presidency, and the Planned Pardon" (November 6, 2007), I predicted that Bush was going to issue a large number of pardons if a Republican did not succeed him. Bush will pardon Cheney, and then resign on January 19th, after which "President" Cheney will issue a garland of pardons including one to George W Bush. Now, it appears as if some such a plan is indeed in the offing.
It appears Abrams might possibly get considered for the maybe-forthcoming trophy for the most bizarre imagination in web journalism. Apologies to Mr. Atman of the American Chronicle. Abrams' source for his announcement of an appearance of such a plan? Why, the mere fact that he said so, of course. No one is quoted. No document is produced. Zip. Just a lot of wind.

How will he nobly stop this certain catastrophe? Abrams argues that a constitutional amendment should be passed which would not allow pardons to be granted to members of the Executive branch! First, where in the heck was this guy during the Clinton administration? Second, should we allow a partisan Congress to "investigate," issue bogus "contempts," and put on "show trials" during election years and allow the Executive branch to do nothing about it? What a great idea! I have no reason to think members of Congress (whose popularity ratings are consistently below that of even the most unpopular presidents) would be such single-minded seekers of reelection! Yep, great idea Mr. Abrams, at least until there is a Democratic president and a Republican-controlled Congress. Then, we suspect you will settle back down into the complacency about clemency that evidently engulfed you during the Clinton administration. See Abrams' tale here.

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