Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lawyer Placing Odds on Clemens Pardon

Mike Lupica joins the preemptive pardon stress club today, pondering the meaning and ramifications of a pardon for the not-yet-convicted baseball great Roger Clemens. After referring to commentary on steroids by the President, in a State of the Union address, Lupica writes:

... And makes you wonder who will be applauding, outside Clemens' family, if Bush pardons Roger Clemens on his way out the door, whether Clemens has been formally charged with lying to the government about steroid use by then or not.

... What will be interesting, if there is a pardon next January, is how this particular President - the head of the Texas aristocracy that has been running this country since 2000 - would explain a pardon for Roger Clemens, pitching legend, especially in light of that tough-as-nails message to sports and to the country more than four years ago.
Lupica must not be aware of monthly trends in Bush's pardon granting, but his concerns are evidently sparked by the more recent commentary of the lawyer who first made the prediction of a Clemens' pardon, just after his own client made a poor showing before Congress. Richard Emery says:
If (Bush) ever does issue a commutation to Marion Jones (scheduled to be released from jail in September), I would make it 50-50 that Clemens eventually does get a pardon," Emery said. "And even if he doesn't do anything with the Marion Jones case, I still make it a one-in-five chance that Clemens gets one. And if he does get one, I guarantee he'll say that he didn't ask for it, that he's innocent. And maybe the President will chime in and say that it was just Democrats after him, that he believes Clemens is innocent, too, and shouldn't have to be put through the travails of having to defend himself.
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