Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ludacris Predicts Self-Pardon

Rap "singer" Ludacris (or Chris Bridges from Illinois) is enjoying massive publicity for the release of a new "song" which describes former Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton as an irrelevant "bitch" and states that Republican presidential candidate U.S. Senator John McCain should only be in a "chair" if he becomes "paralyzed." Now that is art!The cynic might note the odds are considerably in favor of the notion that the former First Lady who gathered about 18 million votes in her bid for the presidency will be a more popular topic of discussion 60 or 70 years from now than Ludacris. And there is certainly a kind of hope to be admired - if not enjoyed - in that sort of cosmic justice. Along the way, the rapper also blurts:

... Obama shattered ‘em. Said I handled his biz and I’m one of his favorite rappers. Well give Luda a special pardon if I’m ever in the slammer ...
Ah, yes, "land of the free" and "home of the brave." Congrats to the "singer," however, for all of the free media that will generate "controversy" and most certainly boost album sales. Ya gotta' love capitalism. But one wonders how AT&T is feeling right about now, having just signed into a multi-million dollar deal with this keen political talent.

Now we just need to sit back and wait for Mr. Obama to say that he is "saddened and deeply disappointed," that we cannot judge the Ludacris catalogue on the basis of one or two lines in one "song" and that Ludacris is just not the same Ludacris that he used to know. There is more room under the bus, you know ... See Washington Post coverage of this "story" here.

Update 1: Obama's "campaign" has "rejected" the "song." No word from Obama.
Update 2: AP cannot get comment from either Obama or Ludacris.
Update 3: Headlines still say "Obama," but articles still read "an Obama spokesman"

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