Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Watch List: Edwin Edwards

The Times Picayune is reporting on former Gov. Edwin Edwards who is among those seeking a presidential pardon from George W. Bush. Edwards will soon turn 81 but will not be eligible for release until 2011. Former Gov. David Treen and former U.S. Sen. J. Bennett Johnston are supporting the application but U.S. Attorney Jim Letten will not disclose his position on the matter. See story here.


Anonymous said...

I was elected to the police jury, in West Fecliciana Parish in 1979. I knew Gov. Edwards the first i met him,he never forgets a name.I am now police jury president,at 2008. I would vote for him today if he could run.Please pardon Gov. Edwards today, God Bless You. Billy D Shoemake, box 23 Tunica La. P.S this is my eighth term,& I voted for you four times Hope to see you soon. Billy

Anonymous said...

i wish i had an address to cheer him up regardless of anything he did he was all for improving our whole state.if you have address 4 oakdale prison please send it toevery one on pardon power

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