Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Watch List: Ideas for Pollard

At IsraeliNationalNews.com it is reported that a Rabbi is publicising a list of 12 ideas aimed at securing a presidential pardon for Jonathan Pollard.

1. Talk about Pollard wherever possible - with friends, in the store, in classes, on the radio, in written articles, and wherever possible.
2. Wear a blue Pollard bracelet.
3. Recite prayers, including public prayers in the synagogue during the Torah reading.
4. Mention Pollard in wedding and Bar-Mitzvah invitations and Grace After Meals cards.
5. Post bumper stickers and the like wherever permitted.
6. Give to the cause; helping to redeem captives is the best charity there is.
7. Involve non-religious people.
8. Write to MKs, Prime Minister Olmert, and U.S. President Bush.
9. Write to Pollard himself, though only in English.

See story here.

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