Monday, August 4, 2008

Arkansas: Before the Board

Arkansas death-row inmate Frank Williams Jr. is appealing for clemency to the State Parole Board today. He and his lawyers argue, with the Support of Human Rights Watch, that the execution of the 42-year old should not take place on September 9 because Williams has mental disabilities. Although the death penalty is part of Arkansas law, no one has actually been executed there since 2005. Two psychological experts have diagnosed Williams as having mental disabilities and Williams' lawyers emphasize that he "always struggled in classes and was held back three times before dropping out as a sophomore in high school." See story here.


Anonymous said...

It is very hard on Mr. Spence's family, I think it's terrible but I still do not believe in the death sentence. Too many mistakes have been made in the past that cannot be rectified.

Anonymous said...

Well, about all I can say is that Frank sowed this and now he must reap. I went to school with Frank
for many years and I can
assure you that he isn't retarted maybe unruley and a free spirt, but not retarted.Yes I agree, that mistakes have been made with the death penalty.But I also know in my heart that this will not be one of them. Frank killed the one man in this world that really cared for him and for that there is no excuse.
when Clyde's son said that his dad loved Frank he was being honest. He went out on a limb for Frank and what did it get him? I think it is up to God to have mercy on Frank not us!

Anonymous said...

it is hard on both sides of the family. The Williams famiily is suffering just as bad as the Spence family. Putting Frank to death is not goiing to bring back Mr. Spence. We all need to put this is GOD/s hands. He has the final say so, on EVERYONE ON THIS EARTH.

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