Friday, August 8, 2008

Arkansas: Decision Making Time

Governor Mike Beebe is commenting on his consideration of a Board's 4-3 recommendation to commute the death sentence of Frank Williams Jr. to life in prison. Says Beebe:

“I read the [trial ] testimony from start to finish. That is a factor that weighs heavily on my decisionmaking. While the courts usually make that decision [on mental retardation ], I still have a responsibility to look at all the factors that could lend themselves to a decision that someone may be mentally retarded to the point whether or not it would affect whether you stay an execution.”

“Whether it’s 7-0 or 4-3, the pressure is still there. It is a solemn, no matter how heinous the crime, a solemn responsibility. Ultimately it’s my responsibility. While I listen to them, while I take into consideration their vote, I’ve never hidden behind their vote. Many times I’ve supported their recommendation and many times I have not.”

See full story here.

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