Friday, September 12, 2008

Georgia: The British Seek Clemency

PardonPower has covered the case of Jack Alderman, who is scheduled to die in Georgia in a few days, but this article from the Telegraph (UK) provides some interesting, new angles on the case. It is reported that "leaders of the legal profession" in England and Wales are "calling on the Foreign Secretary David Miliband to try to stop the execution." Alderman is reported to have spent 34 years on "death row" - the longest period among current inmates. There are now "grave concerns" about the "strength" of the evidence against Alderman. Paul Marsh, President of the Law Society, says, "To execute him now after 34 years, living with the ever present and mounting anguish of awaiting the death penalty, would amount to cruel and inhuman punishment." Clive Stafford Smith says “He is an old man now. This whole situation is just obscene.”

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