Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Michigan: Request

WSJM reports (here) that a county prosecutor's office is "strongly opposing" the "possible commutation" of the life sentence of 34 year-old Efran Paredes. Padres was convicted of a murder committed during the robbery of a grocery store when he was 15-years old but claims - on a personal website - that he is innocent. Prosecutors contend, however, that there is "an abundance of evidence" to prove that he was responsible. See additional information here.

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Michael said...

Efran has tried legal channels for years and has been denied every time. Most recently he was denied by the US District court for the Eastern District of Michigan- Southern Division (Case No: 03-74826-DT)on June 30, 2006. Again denied! It states "Petitioner ignores the fact that there was abundant evidence in addition to Mui's testimony that would prove his identity as the perpetrator beyond a reasonable doubt."

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