Monday, September 29, 2008

The President: No Pardons! No Checks! No Balances!

The Associated Press reports Senators are "praising" Attorney General Michael Mukasey's appointment of a special counsel to investigate the firings of nine U.S. prosecutors. In addition, the Senators are said to be "warning" President Bush against using the checks and balances granted to him by the Constitution (namely pardons) on behalf of anyone who is found to have broken the law - PardonPower not aware of any other class of persons who have ever received pardons. Democratic Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy says any such pardon would be seen by the nation (i.e. "sold as") as an admission of wrongdoing. Republican Arlen Specter notes that there is no indication of anything like that happening, but promises that he would not find such behavior pleasing. Thus, it appears the prediction of implausible pardons or warnings against the use of implausible pardons are the latest trend in Washington. Such predictions are instant headlines at the cost of the administration. Is this still yet another legacy of the Clinton administration? See story here.

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