Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Watch List: John Walker Lindh reports Frank Lindh, who has spent nearly seven years in federal prison for serving in an Afghan army, recently told law students at University of San Francisco that his 27-year old son, John Walker Lindh, has been used "as a scapegoat for the faults of the U.S. government." The son thought it was his duty to fight for the Taliban and volunteered for military action in Afghanistan. He is also known to have interacted with Osama bin Laden. In 2000, a federal grand indicted him on 10 counts, but Lindh pled guilty in exchange for a 20-year sentence. Frank is circulating a petition urging President Bush to pardon his son (here).

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Anonymous said...

John Walker Lindh should receive a presidential pardon. I have always thought he was in the wrong place, and definately at the wrong time. He was convicted in a climate of "hysteria" and was a very young man. He committed NO crime!!!!

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