Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nevada: Pardons and Prison Population Problems

The Nevada Appeal reports that the State's Pardons Board is considering an idea "that could get large numbers of inmates out of the state’s prisons." First, the State would identify "first offenders with no history of violence who are within 24 months of completing their minimum prison sentence." Illegal aliens in that group would be conditionally pardoned and turned over to the federal immigration agency for deportation. Remaining inmates within the pool would also be conditionally pardoned to "alternative programs" which would be "much cheaper." Currently, 48 percent of 13,000 inmates in Nevada prisons are first time offenders. In addition, there are almost 2,000 "wanted by immigration authorities for deportation." See story here.


Anonymous said...

And the board denied Nolan Klein, who was convicted of sexual assault some 19 years ago. Attorney Robert Hager raised serious questions about the evidence in that case saying the district attorney and sheriff’s office have allowed cigarette butts with DNA evidence on them to disappear from the evidence despite Klein’s request they be maintained so they could be tested.

Klein has always maintained he is innocent of the crime.

Hager said the disappearance of the evidence is especially serious in the wake of a recent TV appearance by Washoe District Attorney Dick Gammick in which he told an interviewer Klein’s evidence was tested.

“Where is that report?” Hager demanded, saying it could exonerate Klein of the crime. “It would either be exculpatory or incriminating.”

After the denial, Hager said the issue will be raised in Klein’s ongoing federal case.

Contact reporter Geoff Dornan at or

Luna_bronziada said...

Part of the problem lies in cases like Mr. Jorge Ruiz who is being housed in Nevada State Prison. Mr. Ruiz has been Incarcerated since the age of 18. He is now on the 16th year of his 10 to life with possibility of parole in which he was convicted of a murder he did not commit. Although it is clear to the authorities that he did not commit this crime, he has paid for it with most of his life. The first 10 years was in Maximum security and was completely chained up just to walk from his cell to the shower. How did he end up in this situation? He went for a ride with a friend and witnessed the crime. Ruiz had never met anyone at the scene of the crime prior to the incident for the exception of the friend who drove him there, but because Ruiz witnessed the crime and did not speak about it and kept his silence, he is doing his part in the punishment of this crime.

During this time Ruiz has been in self motivation mode and chose to do his time wisely. He reads and goes to school. He takes several different classes and has many certificates to show for them. Ruiz is attending church services and dreams of the day he can go home to his mother, grandmother, sister and new wife Anna Ruiz who ironically is the owner of a bail bonding company in Las Vegas. Ruiz has asked his wife to sell the business before his return home so that they may live a humble quiet life away from bad influences and/or criminals. Ruiz just wants to start a new life and put the prison life behind him for ever.

So do we keep people like Mr. Ruiz in the system? Can we find all the Mr. Ruiz’s and send them home so that we tax payers can get more teachers?

This is just my opinion

Luna Broziada

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