Monday, October 27, 2008

The President: Tabloid Ploy

PardonPower remembers the good old days, when the tabloids were substantively different from mainstream national newspapers and there was every expectation that the standards of journalism would be different. So, back in the day, you chuckled when you saw a headline like, "Will Clint Eastwood Marry His Sister?" You knew it was all about catching the eye with the headline and landing a sale from readers who didn't so much expect to read that Clint Eastwood would indeed be marrying his own sister as readers who would be curious to see how entertaining it would be watching a shameless writer ice-skate around facts, reason, and reality in general. Similarly, for months, the far corners of the blawgosphere have been asking, "Will Bush pardon Rove? Will Bush pardon Cheney? Will Bush pardon himself? Will Bush offer a blanket pardon for anyone who is ever suspected of anything? Can anything be done to stop this unprecedented travesty of justice?!"

Today, fresh off of today's conviction of Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens, the New York Times, yes, THE New York Times joins the ranks of the lowly and cranks up its own circus number:
... Shortly after the verdict, the Alaska Democratic Party called on the senator to step down. “He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he did it anyway and lied to Alaskans about it,” Patti Higgins, the party chairwoman, said in a statement. “Alaskans deserve better from their public officials. It’s time for us to elect an ethical and honest senator who will move this state forward.” Mr. Stevens is certain to appeal the conviction, and his supporters are also likely to explore the possibility of obtaining a pardon from a fellow Republican, President George W. Bush, before Mr. Bush leaves office in January ...
"Fellow Republican," indeed. Like brothers, no doubt. Perhaps a marriage is to follow! See full Times story here.

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