Saturday, October 25, 2008

Watch List: Hope for Edwards?

The Advocate and WBRZ news report that the supporters of the imprisoned former Governor of Louisianna, Edwin Edwards, have "hope" that he will be released over the next few months, or at least see President Bush as his "best chance" for a pardon or commutation of sentence. The 82-year old Edwards actually has three years remaining on his 10-year sentence. Former Louisiana Eastern District federal prosecutor Harry Rosenberg incorrectly states, “Most of the pardons and commutations happen as the president exits office.” In fact, "most" pardons and commutations are granted during years 1 through 3 of the term. It just happens that a higher number tend to be granted in the fourth year, as opposed to any other single year. Former Gov. Dave Treen (R) says he contacts the White House special counsel's office on a regular basis and can report that the application is “under advisement.” We now also know that the Department of Justice has contacted U.S. Attorney Jim Letten in New Orleans (the lead prosecutor) and asked for information and a recommendation. See story here.

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