Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Constructing the Comfy Chair for Holder

Josh Meyer of the Los Angeles Times has written on Eric Holder and is playing the tune that we expect to hear ad nauseum until the sham confirmation process is over. The template: Holder is wildly credentialed and utterly brilliant. A master mind. Re numerous controversies associated directly with his judgement and work ... he's an innocent victim, not as informed as he could have been, but through no fault of his own. Or, here is Meyer's language:
... his name was dragged very publicly through the mud in a Clinton administration pardon scandal ... his much-disputed role in Clinton's pardons, particularly that of fugitive financier Marc Rich, is coming back to haunt him ... Holder insisted that he didn't know about Quinn's pardon plans ... Holder said he was "neutral, leaning toward favorable" about the pardon. Later, he said he was unaware of some aspects of Rich's background ... He said he was swamped with other pressing matters on his last day in office ... Holder said that he wished he had asked more questions about the Rich case, and that he would have been opposed to a pardon if he had obtained more information at the time
The obvious questions for Mr. Holder: What were the positive aspects of the Rich pardon that made you lean toward it? Just exactly how much does it take for you to be swamped to the point that you start making casual, uninformed judgements about pardons for most-wanted fugitives? Is the position of Attorney General right for you? See Meyer's L.A. Times piece here.

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