Saturday, November 8, 2008

Context: Presidents and 4th Year Pardons

The following is list of presidential terms where highest number of pardons was granted in the 4th and final year of the term:

1. George Washington (2nd term)
2. John Adams
3. Thomas Jefferson (1st term)
4. James Madison (1st term)
5. James Madison (2nd term)
6. James Monroe (1st term)
7. Andrew Jackson (2nd term)
8. James Polk
9. James Buchanan
10. Abraham Lincoln (1st term)
11. Ulysses Grant (1st term)
12. Ulysses Grant (2nd term)
13. Chester Arthur (succession term)
14. Grover Cleveland (1st term)
15. Grover Cleveland (2nd term)
16. Benjamin Harrison
17. Theodore Roosevelt (succession term)
18. William H. Taft
19. Woodrow Wilson (1st term)
20. Woodrow Wilson (2nd term)
21. Calvin Coolidge (1st term)
22. Herbert Hoover
23. Frankin D. Roosevelt (2nd term)
24. Dwight Eisenhower (1st term)
25. Dwight Eisenhower (2nd term)
26. Gerald Ford (succession term)
27. Ronald Reagan (2nd term)
28. George H.W. Bush
29. Bill Clinton (2nd term)
30. George W. Bush (1st term)

Statistics for President Bush's second term to date:

Year One: 40 pardons
Year Two: 44 pardons, 1 commutation of sentence
Year Three: 29 pardons, 2 commutations of sentence
Year Four: 15 pardons, 1 commutation of sentence + ?

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