Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daily News on Holder Nomination

The New York Daily News reports would-be attorney general Eric Holder "faces a roasting from Senate Republicans." Unfortunately, the focus will be on "his role in former President Bill Clinton's last-minute pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich." This is, of course, further evidence that the Republicans are indeed still obsessed with Rich, and would rather continue their failed effort to establish his pardon as "the most controversial ever" - as opposed to ensuring there is a legitimate confirmation process for Holder. Indeed, the The News says, "But the GOP's aim isn't to scuttle Holder. It's to make Senate Democrats squirm."

Of course, it is difficult to imagine very much squirming going on. The Democrats will have plenty of votes for confirmation. We all know it was Clinton who granted the pardon, not Holder. And when Holder claims he was the innocent victim of circumstances, Democrats will nod their heads in deep sympathy and the Republicans harangue will simply melt away. Republican Senators will come across as (and certainly be caricatured as) divisive and backward-looking, irrelevant politicians pining to envelope a nice, classy, very well-credentialed guy in scandals that are ancient history to many supporters of the country's first a-historical president.

Janet Reno told The News that the Marc Rich pardon is the worst thing Holder's critics can bring up. Says, Reno, "I have some concerns about it because it's never really evolved." And Reno advises her former deputy to offer a "candid, factual explanation" during his upcoming confirmation hearing. Yes, even Reno knows that focusing on Rich alone is a pure waste of time. See Daily News article here.

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