Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hostin Predicts Clinton-Like Pardons!

Sunny Hostin, a "legal analyst" with CNN, has made a return appearance to discuss presidential pardons. In her previous attempt, well, it was pretty ugly. The report was brief, but highly erroneous. It sounded like "news" but, on second glance, had very little substance. For spice, actress Denise Richards was described as the wife of fugitive Marc Rich. In our review of the disastrous "report," we noted there was no need for Hostin to say Marion Jones "may" be seeking clemency from Bush, because it was widely reported that she applied for clemency four months ago. As an example, we linked to a New York Times story on the application.

In her comeback report, Hostin's credentials are displayed on the left side of the screen - and with good reason! She suggests there is something like a groundswell of chit-chat / support on behalf of former track star Marion Jones. PardonPower is aware of no such groundswell and cannot find a trace of it in recent web postings, news reports or editorials. It appears that Jones is Hostin's pet cause. Which is fine. It is a free country. But personal pet causes should not be paraded as "news." On the other hand, this time around, Hostin acknowledges that "a lot of other people," including the New York Times (!), reported on Jones' application a long time ago.

At the end of the "report," Hostin says she thinks we will see "something like" President Clinton's controversial last-minute pardons "from President Bush as well." Indeed, she says she thinks we will see something "much, much more controversial coming." On the other hand, Denise Richards was not mentioned in this report. See Hostin's attempted comeback report here.

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Anonymous said...

Sunny Hostin?

Is that either a renowned performer in the field of adult entertainment or the newest creation being offered with your morning coffee at Krispy Kreme?

The person that came up with that name ought to be waterboarded. Live. On national television.

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