Sunday, November 9, 2008

The President: Moscow on Pardons!

Mark H. Teeter of the Moscow Times is waxing eloquent on the pardon power in Russia but feels free to elaborate on clemency here in the States:

Yet the most egregious abuse of the pardon power may already have been committed -- and not by the current president himself, at least technically. In 2006, in a bill to redefine the treatment of detainees, the administration reportedly included a provision that would "pardon President Bush and all the members of his administration of any possible crimes connected with the torture and mistreatment ... all the way back to Sept. 11, 2001." That this bill would render a law at once unprecedented, reprehensible and internationally indefensible was sadly obvious. As CNN's Jack Cafferty summed it up, "At least President Nixon had Gerald Ford to do his dirty work. President Bush is trying to pardon himself."
The bill "reportedly" does this? What a hoot! Don't they know how to read bills over in Moscow? Did they cut funds for research by reporters over there? Cite the bill by name, number and chamber and quote the exact passage word for word, if it is there. Otherwise, with all due respect, shut up. We respectfully recommend readers of the Times, or anyone else interested in delving into the bowels of lunacy to see our post here.

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