Thursday, November 6, 2008

Report: Bush to Pardon Edwin Edwards Soon?

Jeff Crouere of reports "sources close to the Bush White House are reporting this morning that the President is considering commuting the sentence of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards before his term ends on January 20. In fact, a decision may be made in the next few days." The 82-year old Edwards is serving a 10-year sentence, begun in October of 2002. His clemency application is supported by former Louisiana Governor Dave Treen and former U.S. Senators John Breaux and J. Bennett Johnston. See story here.

As the White House is under considerable scrutiny with respect to the possible use of the pardon power in the remaining days of the term, the pardon of a former Democratic governor could be a moderately savvy PR move on the part of the president. Indeed, pardoning several other Democratic officials might take significant wind out of the sails of partisan critics who might not feel so compelled to remind the media and the general public of previous scandals and convictions. See others on our Pardon Watch List here.


Anonymous said...

set him free, he has lots of wisdom, cant do any harm. Use his wisdom to help our State country. Watch his bank accounts and it will be a smart thing to do. Why let a man die in prison, when just a percent of his doing were wrong. Set Edwards go home for Christmas.

N.Jarreau said...

Free Him... he has done so many great things for the people and state of Louisiana. He is a intellegent and powerful figure. If he hadn't gone to prison he could have done so much more for this state. He is an overwhelming presents people love and TRUST him. If he could run again he would win by a landslide.

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