Monday, November 10, 2008

Virginia: FBI Supports Clemency

The Associated Press reports that "several" former FBI special agents are "urging" Governor Timothy Kaine to grant clemency to four former sailors (aka "the Norfolk Four") convicted of a rape-slaying in 1997 because the men were wrongly convicted. Another source says there are a dozen such agents. The sailors, Derek E. Tice, Joseph Dick, Danial Williams and Eric Wilson confessed to participating in an attack on a female in her apartment and three of them (Tice, Dick and Williams) received two life sentences. However, a fifth defendant, Omar Ballard has confessed that he alone committed the crimes and his DNA was the only DNA linking anyone to the crime. It is also reported that this is the "third anniversary of the filing of the defendants' clemency petition with then-Gov. Mark Warner." See story here and here.

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