Monday, November 17, 2008

Watch List: CNN Fumbles Attempt at News

CNN is reporting that I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby "may - that's right MAY - have filed a request for a pardon from President Bush." The report originates with CNN's Sunny Hostin - a "legal analyst" -who appeared on the program American Morning. Hostin cited no evidence that this "may" have happened and provided no insight as to when it may have happened. She topped it all off by providing no source(s) for the information. Guess that is what counts as "reporting," or "legal expertise" at CNN.

But the "report" is actually even worse than that. Hostin also reports track star Marion Jones "may" have applied for a pardon. But it widely known that Jones has had an application in the Department of Justice since last July. Do they get the paper over at CNN? Kiran Chetry, the person interviewing Sunny (aka "Honey"), says George W. Bush has granted fewer pardons than any other president - which is patently false. Perhaps she meant fewest number of pardons for any two-term president. No, wait, that would be false too. Hostin, the "legal analyst," describes Bill Clinton's last-minute pardon bonanza as "typical" - which is also patently false. We even learn that fugitive Marc Rich's wife was actually the lovely Hollywood starlet Denise Richards (pictured above to the left)! LOL. Maybe Charlie Sheen will be the next U.S. Pardon Attorney, huh?! See this classic train wreck of a "story" and video here.

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