Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Watch List: Durbin and the Bizarro

In one of the most odd pardon stories this cycle, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Illinois Senator Dick Durbin (D) says he "may ask the president" to commute the prison sentence of former Illinois Governor George Ryan (R). Says, Durbin, “I am evaluating that at this point. I have not taken any steps forward to send any kind of letter to the president. I’m going to make that decision at a later time.” He also adds:

“Let’s look at the price he has paid. His family name has been damaged. He has, at an advanced moment of his life, been removed from his family. He has lost the economic security which most people count on at his age. And he is separate from his wife at a time when she is in frail health. To say that he has paid a price for his wrongdoing, he certainly has. And the question is whether continued imprisonment is appropriate at this point.”
The three former federal prosecutors who worked on the Ryan case have already pondered this matter and oppose clemency for Ryan. They have also issued a statement saying Ryan has never accepted responsibility for his conduct. See story here.

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