Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Illinois: Governor is Doing What ?!?!

The Chicago Tribune reports the following re Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) who has distinguished himself in the non-use of the pardon power:

Blagojevich continued his weeklong silence, but his defense attorney planned to represent him Wednesday at the impeachment panel's first day of testimony. Brushing aside repeated calls for his resignation, the Democratic governor signed a bill into law and, according to an aide, was reviewing prison inmate petitions for clemency.

Yes, it seems there is a research question in the works here: the clemency behavior of administrations under investigation/indictment. Of course, Illinoisans have the recent member of George Ryan's use of clemency before he went off to federal prison. Then there is Bill Clinton granting pardons to individuals for lying to federal investigators right before he testified (and lied) to federal investigators! Why, Richard Nixon, who many see as the ultimate pardon recipient, set a few notable records for pardons himself. See complete story here.

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