Thursday, December 11, 2008

Indiana: Father Opposes Release of Daughter's Killer

Donald Lee Jackson Jr., has petitioned Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels to commute a portion of his 160-year prison sentence, making him eligible for parole. A hearing will be held on the matter on January 6. This is Jackson's second attempt at clemency and an assistant to the State's parole board says the application has a "very slim chance."

Ed Gray, however, has a different view of the matter. You see, Jackson kidnapped Gray's 23 year old daughter (who was also the mother of a two year old), drove her to a distant location, tied her up, beat her with rocks, strangled her and shot her twice in the back of the head. So, Gray is reported to be "urging friends, neighbors and anyone who will write to send Indiana corrections officials letters opposing Jackson's clemency." See full story here.

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