Monday, December 29, 2008

Louis Fisher on Presidential Pardons

Louis Fisher, Constitutional Law Specialist from the Library of Congress, sat down with C-SPAN's Washington Journal to chat about presidential pardons. The segment is entitled "History of Presidential Pardons" but, for the most part, the preliminary interview and subsequent phone calls delve very little into the historical use of pardons. Topics include (in the order of discussion): origins of the power, the pardon process, limitations on pardons, the revocation of Isaac Robert Toussie's pardon, the effect of a pardon, presidential impeachment, a "science fiction" scenario, investigating the Bush administration, Marc Rich (ah jeez!), the FALN pardons, a shortage of "smart" presidents - in the last 5 minutes or so - the possible pardon of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, Whiskey Rebellion, Iran-Contra pardons and congressional amnesties.

Incidentally, Mr. Fisher thinks (says) the Bush administration has made a "reasonable case" that it can revoke Toussie's pardon since it was not actually placed in Toussie's hands. See complete interview here.

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