Friday, December 19, 2008

Monty Python Still a Hoot

In The Guardian (UK), Terry Jones says "it's customary for US presidents on their last day of office to issue a slew of pardons" - which is false - and that President Bush "pardoned" Scooter Libby - which is also false. Jones says, further, that it looks "probable" that Bush will "have" to pardon Dick Cheney for admitting to being aware of the enhanced interrogation program - the same program that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has confessed that she was aware of way back in 2002. While he is on a roll, Jones suggests Don Rumsfeld may need a pardon too. And, for a grand finale, Jones says to the President, "it might be advisable to pardon yourself before you leave office for any possible war crimes, such as your involvement in killing and maiming over a million Iraqi civilians over the last few years, destroying their country's infrastructure, destabilising the place and creating chaos in the Middle East." Yes, the Python gang is as hilarious as ever. Bush, the creator of chaos in the Middle East! What a hoot! See complete comedy sketch here.

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