Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mukasey: Conspiratorial Buzz-Kill

After the appearance of 6 bazillion high-speculation "news" stories about the possibility of unprecedented, preemptive, blanket turbo administration and self-pardons, Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey says he sees no need whatsoever for such fantastic behavior because there is “absolutely no evidence” that policy makers “did so for any reason other than to protect the security in the country and in the belief that he or she was doing something lawful.” Similarly, Mukasey sees no need for unprecedented retro-criminal investigations of policy making in the Bush administration. No mention was made of the potential impact such show prosecutions might have on high-ranking Democratic politicians who have been briefed about the administration's policies and practices from day one. Thus, according to Mukasey, “there is no occasion to consider prosecution, and there is no occasion to consider pardon.” See complete story in the New York Times story here.

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