Monday, December 15, 2008

New York: Commutation for Cop?

The New York Post calls him the "Sodomy Cop." Justin Volpe, says the Post, was "involved in one of the most sensational police-brutality cases in city history." Volpe, sodomized a handcuffed Haitian immigrant Abner Louima in a Brooklyn precinct station house with a broom handle. Two other officers involved in the attack had their sentences overturned, but Louima settled the case with the city and police union for $8.7 million. So far, Volpe has served 12 years of his 30-year prison sentence. Father Travers of the Holy Child Church (Staten Island) says:

We all know that some people guilty of taking human life serve far less time than 30 years. And if they are not in the federal system, they may have the possibility of parole.
A GQ Article puts it this way:

But c'mon. Thirty years? Without parole? When killers and rapists and pedophiles get half that amount? When mobsters and drug lords walk in exchange for ratting out their friends? When the four cops who fired forty-one bullets at the unarmed Amadou Diallo don't even lose their jobs? When Lemrick Nelson, who fatally stabbed Yankel Rosenbaum for the crime of being Jewish, doesn't even serve a full ten years? When a cop who worked with Justin at the 70th Precinct, Emil Slavik, sexually abuses two women at gunpoint and gets four to eight years? When, on the very same day that Justin's sentence came down, 17-year-old Shatiek Johnson, who had previously beaten a homeless man to death, murders a second man—a police officer attempting to serve Johnson with a warrant for yet another murder—and gets five years less than Justin?
So, Volpe has filed a request with the Department of Justice asking for a commutation of sentence. See story here and here.


Anonymous said...

The punishment for cops should, fairly obviously, be much more severe than the punishment for citizen non-cops.

Anonymous said...

Um, he *is* a rapist.

Star Man said...

I have no pity for this man; let him do his 30 years.

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