Sunday, December 14, 2008

North Carolina: No Pardon Candy Here!

The News & Observer has announced that Gov. Mike Easley (D, and former prosecutor) has been "stingy about pardons" and, what is more, "there's no sign he's going to go on a Clinton-like pardon spree in his final weeks." According to the story, Easley has received 756 requests in eight years and has granted a mere five. In each of the cases, "DNA or other evidence exonerated the applicant." Why is Easley so parsimonious in his use of the power? The News & Observer says: "Pardons have drawn more scrutiny since President Bill Clinton granted 140 on his last day in office in 2001." See story here.

1 comment:

A good person said...

I was turned down for a pardon by Gov. Easley. I made ONE mistake 15 years ago. It was a felony, but non violent.

My pardon request sat in his office for over a year.

Last month an elected official sent Gov. Easley a recommendation for the pardon. Two days after the gov read the letter, he denied my pardon.

Coincidence or was I denied for political reasons.

Quite Sad. If he had at least considered my circumstances, I would have sent him a thank you for considering me. But denying my pardon two days after reading a well written letter from someone who has been in office for over 25 years... well I believe it was political and that really saddens me.

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