Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obama on Holder, Rich Pardon

Yesterday, Barack Obama made these remarks with respect to Eric Holder, the nominee for U.S. Attorney General:
"With respect to Eric Holder, everybody who looks at his record says the guy was an outstanding attorney, an outstanding prosecutor, an outstanding judge, an outstanding No. 2 at the Justice Department. And Eric has acknowledged that the [Marc] Rich pardon was a mistake on his part, not having caught that earlier. I agree with him. I think it was a mistake. But when you look at the totality of his experience, there is no doubt that he is going to be an outstanding attorney general."
PardonPower is amused with the Clintonian use of language. The "Rich pardon was a mistake?" No, Holder's role in the Rich pardon was a mistake! But, dang it, he just didn't quite "catch" that slippery little feller going by - the millionaire fugitive on the "most wanted" list! Holder also knew (and predicted in advance) that DOJ officials would be furious by a pardon for Rich. Does that knowledge come under the "mistake" category, or the "slippery fish" category?

Otherwise, PardonPower could not agree with the president elect more. A single-minded focus on Marc Rich might very well leave Holder looking "outstanding." If, however, anyone bothers to look "at his record" and asks Holder about his involvement in the FALN terrorist pardons, his insensitivity to the victims of violent crimes, his claims of executive privilege, his politicization of the pardon process, or his role in any other number of controversial pardons ... well, that might be a different story. See news item here.

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