Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama: Presidential Pardon Watch List

As President Obama goes into day 21 without granting a pardon, it seems appropriate to crank up the new, revised, presidential Pardon Watch List.

- Clarence Aaron (drug dealing) application denied by Bush
- ACORN (voter fraud)
- Weldon Angelos - application in
- Marion Barry (income tax evasion
- Jim Black (corruption) application in
- Rod Blagojevich (impeached) federal trial ahead
- Edwin Edwards (racketerring) application rejected by Bush

- Katie Hall (mail fraud) application in
- Ron Isley (tax evasion)
- William Jefferson (accused of bribery) trial in May
- Jack Johnson (violation of Mann Act)
application in
- Marion Jones (steroids) application in
- Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac execs
- Michael Milken (junk bond king)
- Chibueze Okorie (driver for a heroine ring)
- Tony Rezko (corruption) month ago, a "spokesman" said it will not happen
- George Ryan (corruption) application in
- Richard Scrushy
- Don Siegelman (trading favors for contributions)
- Martha Stewart
- Michael Vick (conspiracy to operate interstate dogfighting ring)
- Mark E. Whitacre (wire fraud, tax fraud, and money laundering)

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