Monday, December 22, 2008

Ohio: Request

The Akron Beacon Journal is reporting on 34-year old Brett X. Hartmann who claims he is innocent, but has been on "death row " for some ten years now. Says the Journal:
In a seasonal move designed to sway the governor, Hartmann's supporters have begun sending the governor [Ted Strickland] Christmas cards drawn by the condemned inmate from his Ohio State Penitentiary cell. The cards' cover includes Hartmann's drawing of a lighted candle next to a Bible verse on the birth of Jesus Christ: ''He came that all might live.'' Inside the card is the message his supporters hope Strickland will heed: ''Please let Brett Hartmann live.'
The Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center and Ohioans to Stop Executions are in charge of the effort and the goal is to send 1,000 cards to Strickland's office. It claimed that more than 1,200 cards had been requested from people around the world. A Roman Catholic nun says:
it is no coincidence that the Christmas card campaign targets Strickland's strong religious beliefs — he's an ordained Methodist minister — during the holiest time of the year. ''I just thought what a terrible contradiction it is in our lives that these people are preparing for a deliberate death when the Christian population of our world is looking at Christmas as a time for birth and real life,'' she said.
The family of Winda Snipes, who stabbed more than 130 times has a different view of things. Snipes' mother says, "'Christmas cards? Why, that's the stupidest thing I ever heard of." See full story here.

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