Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Post: Cohen on Holder

Richard Cohen has an editorial in today's Washington Post regarding the political appointment of Eric Holder to the position of U.S. Attorney General. Along the way he notes that, as deputy attorney general, the person responsible for vetting the Marc rich pardon in the Clinton administration:
Holder was not just an integral part of the pardon process, he provided the White House with cover by offering his go-ahead recommendation. No alarm seemed to sound for him. Not only had strings been pulled, but it was rare to pardon a fugitive -- someone who had avoided possible conviction by avoiding the inconvenience of a trial. The U.S. attorney's office in New York -- which, Holder had told the White House, would oppose any pardon -- was kept ignorant of what was going on. Afterward, it was furious.

As noted, any person is entitled to make a mistake. But no one is entitled to be attorney general. That's a post that ought to be reserved for a lawyer who appreciates that while he reports to the president, he serves the people.
See full Cohen editorial here.

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