Friday, December 26, 2008

The President: Sticking to the Story. Building A Defense.

The New York Times reports today that :
The White House said Thursday that when Mr. Bush granted Isaac Toussie, 37, a pardon earlier this week, the president and his advisers were unaware that the elder Mr. Toussie had recently donated $30,800 to Republicans. Mr. Bush took the extraordinary step of rescinding the pardon on Wednesday after reports about the political contributions.
Which is to say 1) that the White House was fine with the fact that the Toussie's application did not comply with the DOJ's five year waiting period. 2) The White House was also fine with the fact that the advice of Deputy Attorney Genera was not sought. And, finally, 3) the White House was fine with the fact that the advice of the U.S. Pardon Attorney was not sought either. Now, why is all of that not a story? Isn't that exactly what everyone complained about during the Clinton administration? Isn't that "going outside the normal process?" And then we have this Jack Quinn-type person, Bradford Berenson, roaming the halls to wield inside influence and succeeding in skipping legitimate steps and procedures! Where are you Dan Burton?
Mr. Bush’s revoking of the pardon was so unusual that some legal experts questioned whether he had the authority to reverse the pardon, one of 19 the White House announced Tuesday. But the Justice Department said it believed that the original pardon announcement was not binding and could be revoked because Mr. Toussie had not received formal notification of the president’s action.
This seems to contradict previous reports and comments made on this blog, which suggested Toussie's lawyer was contacted. So, which is it? Who does not have their facts straight? and Does it really matter? See Times story here.

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