Friday, December 26, 2008

Quick Review

Just stepping in? All you know is what you read in the newspapers? Here is a quick catch-up course on what is going on what has been going on here with links to important previous posts:

Post One - On December 1st, we shared our view of December pardons.
Post Two - On December 24th, around noon, we identified what we saw as the major problem with the Toussie pardon.
Post Three - At 3:00 we provided further explanation regarding our concerns with the Toussie pardon and offered some speculation.
Post Four - A few hours later, we heard the pardon was revoked.
Post Five - Assuming the media would declare the revocation "unprecedented" or "seemingly unprecedented" or "unprecedented in recent memory" or some such nonsense (because they always do), we established that clemency decisions have been revoked.
Post Six - In response to serious concerns raised by our readers, we developed a completely new list of pardons (not commutations) that were revoked by the same presidents who granted them after only a casual glance through our data (which is to say there may be many more for all we know)
Post Seven - We do not buy the White House's official explanation for its conduct and, even if we were to buy it, we feel 1) ignoring the five-year waiting period 2) ignoring the U.S. Pardon Attorney 3) ignoring the Deputy Attorney General and 4) allowing a former employee of the administration to abuse access to the White House are all much much more important and entirely unacceptable features of this story than the discovery of some stupid campaign donations by a relative of Mr. Toussie.

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Anonymous said...

Could President Bush have retracted President Clinton's ill-received pardons? Could he still do that?

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