Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rasmussen Poll: Criminals Not Popular in U.S.

A new Rasmussen Poll shows "almost half of adults in the United States would place restrictions on presidential pardons." Wow! That seems alittle low! So more than half think the president's power to grant pardons and reprieves should be without any limitation whatsoever? Now, there is a headline! How mid-1600s! Likewise, 46 percent of respondents "believe Congress should be able to overturn these decisions if lawmakers believe they were unjustified." In addition, 42 percent believe U.S. presidents "should be prevented from issuing pardons to members of their own administrations." See story here.

Memo to Rasmussen: You're boring. Consider some of the more interesting questions that could have been asked: What percentage of Americans can identify a single pardon that they thought was justified? What percentage of Americans has any idea as to how many pardons are granted in a typical year and what kinds of persons receive them? What percentage might object to members of Congress recommending pardons for constituents and party donors via confidential letters of support? What percentage of Americans are even aware that members of Congress do such things? What percentage of Americans are aware of the fact that Congress has conducted investigation after investigation, and filed report after report, only to do nothing about abuses of the pardon power? What percentage of Americans can name a single pardon granted before Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon? What percentage of Americans are aware of the fact that American presidents have granted a steady stream of blanket, group or general pardons (or amnesties) for 200 plus years?

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