Friday, December 19, 2008

Texas: 7 Pardons

Gov. Rick Perry has granted 7 pardons to individuals convicted for marijuana possession, burglary, making a terroristic threat and indecent contact with a child. The six men and one woman range in age from 32 to 79. For a complete list of those pardoned, go here.

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Anonymous said...

can someone tell me, of all those pardons that the TEXAS governor perry handed out for christmas, how many of them were from out of state? I was recommended for a full pardon twice within four years time. The frist time, the governor pardoned a two time felon with two prison sentences.the second time,The governor p:ardoned a five year probationer over a three year probationer. I have not been in trouble in 27 years. Why can some people do this in a few years and I cant get it done in 27 years? i was recommended twice for a full pardon.The only thing that i can see different is I DONT LIVE IN TEXAS.

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