Friday, December 5, 2008

We Do Not Concurr

PardonPower is generally quite fond of the work going on at the Concurring Opinions blog, but cannot help but comment on a recent post (here) by Lawrence Cunningham. With regard to the clemency efforts of Bernie Ebbers, Michael Milkin, and Conrad Black, Cunningham actually writes:
the smart money is on pardons, for all three of these fellows--and perhaps thousands more
To which we ask: What planet is Cunningham on? What on earth leads the "smart money" in this direction? Is it Bush's record setting stinginess with pardons and commutations? Is it the record backlog in the Office of the Pardon Attorney? Is it the fact that 8 years have produced one high-profile act of clemency? Was it the similar record on clemency that Bush had in Texas? Thousands? Thousands?! Is there anyone anywhere with an ounce of expertise on this topic that is actually betting on that? Did Cunningham mean to write "the foolish money?"

At loss to explain this bizarre analysis, we can only latch on to Cunningham's equally odd suggestion that "Bush’s record on just use of law is weak." Alas, hatred of Bush can really fowl up one's analytical skills!

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