Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008: Looking Back!

The PardonPower blog first kicked up on January 9 of 2008. Since that day, we have featured 764 posts that attracted 68,947 visits and 126,614 page views. December was clearly a boon for the page, but we are no less proud of the fact that we were averaging over 4,000 visits a month well before that. For a new blog, that isn't too bad, not too bad at all.

About 16 percent of our traffic comes from "regulars" and 31 percent comes from "large businesses of note" (we think we know what types of "businesses" those are :-) Most of our unique cookies are from the Washington, D.C. area. Chicago, New York and Atlanta follow. The top states, however, are Texas, Illinois, Florida and California.

Despite the relative youth of the page, we were referenced by the Washington Post, Slate, Time/CNN, the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, FOX News, National Public Radio and the Rachel Maddow Show. In each instance, our goal was singular: to provide as mush insight as was possible on clemency that was grounded in history and empirical data. To be sure, our efforts were, in some instances, meager. But, in time, skill will follow resolve.

The recent tremendous upswing in hits was - without doubt - the byproduct of events, but it was also the the byproduct of the generosity of others working their magic on the web. This page enjoyed significant hits as a result of being linked by Mark Silva (at Chicago Tribune's Swamp), Prof. Douglas Berman (Sentencing Law and Policy) and the folks at Talking Points Memo. We are, of course, thankful to anyone who links us. But these three certainly jacked up the chart for November and December and rendered our monthly average an overly impressive statistic :-)

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