Friday, January 23, 2009

Arkansas: Request

The Associated Press reports Governor Beebe "intends" to pardon Leifel Jackson, a former drug dealer who was featured in a 1993 HBO documentary on "gang warfare." Jackson has been in prison for seven years now. He was sent there for drug and theft charges. He says, however, that prison has "helped him turn his life around." It is also reported that "no law enforcement officials have objected to Jackson's pardon request." See story here. Read more about Jackson here and here and here.

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Dianne said...

My Husband filed for clemency among many others. We were so hopeful that President Bush would grant commutation only to have our hoped dashed once again. The border agent families are not the only ones who suffer.We all are, and the borders agents are not the only ones who receive a harsh sentence. Because we don't have the means or connections to go dircctly to the US pardon attorney as the Border Agents lawyers did. I don't feel that is right or fair.
my Husband is in prison for lobster tails co- defendent in (David Henson McNab lobster case) He has already served five years of an eight year one month prison sentence . Isn't that enough?

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