Friday, January 30, 2009

Comment: CYA Scorecard

In a previous post, we predicted C.Y.A. Season re the certain last-minute Bush pardon splurge would be both entertaining and well worth watching. Why were so many political observers so clueless? Well, this seems like a place to keep track of the "explanations" for train-wreck analysis as they emerge:

1. Bush did not want to remove 5th Amendment reasons not to testify (A re-tread. Can be used in almost any circumstance, but almost always after the fact)

2. Bush did splurge, as predicted. The pardons are just really secret! (Likely to remain a PardonPower favorite. Colorful, original and very much in the spirit of the original prognostications)

3. Bush preempted the need for preemptive pardons with executive privilege claims! (Who could have possibly seen this intricate strategy coming?!)

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