Friday, January 9, 2009

The Concerns Holder Ignored

Readers can see (and download) the DOJ memos between former U.S. Pardon Attorney and Eric Holder, the current nominee for U.S. Attorney General here. The format is .pdf

The second document is particularly revealing. The U.S. Pardon Attorney, Roger Adams goes to great lengths to "describe" several "concerns" that he has for the "rationale" being offered for the pardon of the FALN terrorists. Adams notes that two U.S. Attorneys had filed "strong negative" recommendations against clemency and that the pardons might have an impact on pending prosecutions and investigations. He also notes the Director of the FBI had recently categorized FALN as a "domestic terrorist threat" and explains why Holder's calculation of their appropriate sentence "may not be convincing." The memo makes it clear that the victims of the FALN bombings were not consulted in the decision making process and expresses confusion as to why there was no effort to recover millions of dollars that were stolen from a Wells Fargo office. The extraordinary effort Mr. Holder took to push these pardons become increasingly stupifying!

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