Friday, January 16, 2009

Louis Freeh on Holder

Slate once noted Democrats "loathed" former FBI Director Louis Freeh and that he never really got along with Bill Clinton. His "accomplishment" as FBI director was "to oversee an almost endless litany of fiascos while successfully ducking responsibility for all of them."

Thus, it was fitting that Freeh testified before Congress in support of U.S. Attorney General nominee Eric Holder. Along the way, Free just took a "minute" to address the pardon of Marc Rich, which was granted while Holder was deputy attorney general and head of the pardon program. Freeh boldly declared the pardon a “corrupt act.” He also stated that Holder made "terrible mistakes” with respect to his "facilitation" of the pardon and that he didn't "understand" it.

But Freeh also described the otherwise independent and brilliant Holder as a victim who was "used" and predicted that Holder, as U.S. Attorney General, “will never allow himself again to be put in that position.” Comforting. See story here and here

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