Saturday, January 10, 2009

North Carolina: 3 Commutations

The News-Record reports Gov. Mike Easley commuted three sentences on his last day in office. One of the recipients, Vernishia Nicole Kilpatrick, was sentenced to life in prison in 1996 after the stabbing murder of her boyfriend. The sentence was reduced so that the North Carolina Parole Commission can consider Kilpatrick's release. It is reported that Easley granted a mere five pardons in eight years. In each case, DNA evidence had exonerated the convicted. See story here.


Anonymous said...

This saddens me deeply.

By Easley taking this action, and leaving 140 ignored pardon requests for much, much lesser crimes suggests to me that Easley had a few shingles missing from his roof.

Why would you lower time for convicted murderers, but deny pardons for possession of drugs, First Degree Trespassing, Misdemeanor Larceny or possession of stolen property?

Anonymous said...

Governor Easley should be ashamed of the way he handled all pardon/clemency request! Not only does he spend the States money with lavish trips but then spits in the faces of a lot of people who deserve second chances who committed far less serious crimes. What a butthole!

Anonymous said...

He didn't ignore 140 requests, if that's how many were pending. Look at the new NC list. Except for the murderers, whose sentences he reduced, he apparently denied all the rest of them leaving only 43 for Governor Perdue to consider. Shameful!
Petty thieves, first time drug offenders and others convicted of minor offenses remain criminals. If he had a blanket policy of denying all clemency/pardon requests except for those cleared through DNA, and a couple of murderers, he should have done nothing and allowed someone more compassionate to consider the requests. He's Catholic??? Where was he when forgiveness was discussed?

Anonymous said...

Who knows someday Gov Easley may have to rely on someone to grant him a pardon. Is there any doubt that he abused his powers while in office?

Anonymous said...

Surprised this fact never made the media in the 3 and a half years since he left, she worked at the governors mansion as an inmate maid on the second floor. Does anyone think thats coincidence? Maybe she was doing some horizontal work as a maid too?

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