Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The President: Denied!

While there is no shortage of articles floating around out there about persons who applied for a presidential pardon and failed to get one, this article by Josh Meyer takes the time to focus on clamency applications which were explicitly denied by President Bush. Among the denials were Randall ``Duke'' Cunningham, Edwin Edwards, Mario Biaggi, Michael Milken, John Walker Lindh, Justin Volpe, Leonard Peltier. Meyer notes:
Such denials can be a serious setback for those intent on clemency. After a denial a petitioner must wait two years to re-apply for a pardon and one year for a commutation of a prison sentence, although they can also circumvent the Justice Department and appeal directly to the White House whenever they want. In some cases, a presidential denial can be a setback in other ways as well, and make it harder politically for the next administration to approve it, according to several current and former administration officials involved in the pardon process.
The last thought seems a stretch, especially when there is a change in the partisan identification of the president. Nonetheless, it seem fair to say that these denials should be part of any analysis of President Bush's record on federal executive clemency.

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