Saturday, January 17, 2009

Watch List: Countdown. One Last Look!

The final hours are ticking down on the Bush administration. So that means there is time for just one more look at our Pardon Watch List. When Obama takes office, we erase the slate - or most of it at any rate. New game in town.

Presidential Pardon Watch List - P.S. Ruckman, Jr.

- Clarence Aaron (drug dealing) Denied (12/23/08)
- Willie Mays Aikens (sold drugs to an undercover agent) X - released (6/5/08)
- Claude Allen (theft)
- Weldon Angelos - Application in
- Conrad Black (fraud and obstruction of justice) Application in.
- Duane Chapman (deprivation of liberty) X - won extradition battle (11/6/07)
- Roger Clemens Because we are insane and have too much time on our hands
- Jose Compean (illegal arrest of an alien) Sentence commuted (1/19/09)
- Randy Cunningham Denied
- Edwin Edwards (convicted of racketeering) Denied
- John Forte (cocaine) X - sentence commuted to end December 22, 2008 (11/24/08).
- Florita Bell Griffin (bribery, theft, money laundering)
- Gilmer Hernandez (civil rights violation)
- Lawrence Hutchins (soldier, murder X - sentence commuted to 11 years (5/9/08)
- Ron Isley (tax evasion)
- Jack Johnson (violated the Mann Act) Pardon of Charlie Winters a positive sign
- Marion Jones (steroids) Application in. If not Bush, Obama
- Bernard Kerik (corruption) A sleeper in the pile
- Scooter Libby (perjury, obstruction of justice) To most, "the big one"
- John Walker Lindh
(terrorism) Denied
- David H. McNab (smuggling and money laundering) Released, September 4, 2008
Michael Milken
(securities and reporting violations) Denied (Slate said "excellent chance")
- Julius Nasso (conspiracy, extortion)
- Tom Noe (illegal campaign contributions)
- O.Henry (embezzling bank funds) Hey, if we are pardoning dead people!
- Chibueze Okorie (driver for a heroine ring) Application in.
- Lance Persson
(drug dealing)
- Leonard Pielter
(double murder of FBI agents) Denied
- The Pig (tasting so good) X - White House spokesman says "no" (11/18/07)
- Jonathan Pollard (spying on behalf of Israel X - President says "no change" (5/13/08)
- Ignacio Ramos
(illegal arrest of an alien) Sentence commuted (1/19/09)
- George Ryan (corruption) Application in. Maybe he walks, if Edwards walks too
- David Safavian (lying to investigators)
- Richard Scrushy (corruption) less than the snowball's chance, for now
- Don Siegelman
(corruption) less than the snowball's chance, for now
- Jeffrey Skilling (fraud, conspiracy, insider trading)
- Martha Stewart (obstruction of justice) Waiting for Obama
- Ted Stevens (violation of ethics laws) Some are betting on it!
- James Tobin (false statement to FBI) Slate says "good chance"
- Michael Vick (conspiracy to operate interstate dogfighting ring) waiting for Obama
- Robert Steve Vukelic (knowledge of a felony, failing to reporting it to authorities)
- Mark E. Whitacre (wire fraud, tax fraud, and money laundering) Another sleeper.
- Charles T. Winters (violation neutrality laws). Pardoned December 23, 2008.
- Jason Charles Yeager (methamphetamine charges)

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