Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Watch List: "No" to Ramos and Compean

It is so easy to read that someone somewhere is supporting the pardon of former border patrol agents Ramos and Compean we thought we would recognize an alternative view. The Liberty Papers argues that several agents were at the scene of the incident which landed Ramos and Compean in prison and none of them felt threatened, or drew their weapons. It is also noted that Ramos and Compean did not take cover, or warn anyone else to. One of the suspects was holding his empty hands in the air when shot. One suspect fled, but only because there was an attempt to hit him with the butt of a shotgun. 15 shots were fired at the fleeing, unarmed suspect who was not arrested, but left wounded. His status as a drug runner was established later, after the fact. It is also noted that shell casings were retrieved and hidden by the agents and false reports were fired regarding the firing of their weapons. See complete post here.

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pcorn54 said...

Great post. It is good to see someone on point about these two convicts instead of trying to make them out to be "True American Heroes"

Donations to these families have totaled more than $250,000.00 (not counting the amount pilfered by the Patriots doing the collections)

It's a been a 2 year pity party with the actors laughing all the way to the bank!

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