Monday, February 9, 2009

Washington Post on Pardons

The great media tradition is to ignore presidential pardons for four years and then contribute to a world of last-minute speculation and misrepresentation of the power. Today's Washington Post takes the extraordinary step of worrying early! After an obligatory mention of the fact that there were no preemptive-blanket-turbo pardons at the end of the Bush administration (the Post seems unaware of the fact that they may have been granted secretly), the Post chides George W. Bush for "the stingiest record compiled by any two-term president since World War II."

The editorial suggests Bush "failed" to
... offer even a mild corrective for the dramatic racial disparities that have resulted from mandatory minimum sentences for those apprehended with minuscule amounts of crack cocaine. He seems not to have taken seriously the unique constitutional power bestowed on presidents to bring a measure of mercy to those who failed to find justice through more conventional means.
and calls on President Obama to "muster such courage." See editorial here.

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Jordan said...

Just wanted to comment to say I agree whole heartedly with the Washington Post issue, but President Bush is not the only person to completely ignore his pardon power. Just look at the stack Blago left on his desk. Pardoning power certainly needs to be exercised more; dont chastise one person for it though, the whole system needs reformation. Maybe mandatory monthly reviews of all pardons or something of that effect?

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